Natural Floor Cleaner 1000ml Refill (PET) SAVE 20%

Natural Floor Cleaner 1000ml Refill (PET) SAVE 20%

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Mother's Way would like to reward you by giving you 20% off every time you refill YOUR GLASS BOTTLE. Refill & Save, Mother Nature thanks you too.

Experience our infusion of organic herbs, plant extract & geranium essential oils for a healthier & safer cleaning experience. Suitable for most floor surfaces including tiles & hard flooring. Before use, check if this product is suitable for your surfaces.


Directions: pour one cap full (60ml) into a 4 litre bucket of warm to hot water. Mix well & use with a mop as usual. 

Ingredients: purified water, coco glucoside, organic extracts of lavender flowers, horsetail herb & witch hazel bark, organic soapwort herb extract, organic saponified coconut oil, organic saponified olive oil, coco betaine, seaweed extract, sodium chloride (sea salt), locust bean gum, citrus seed extract, rose geranium & geranium essential oils.